Masahito & Six Composers

ALM Records / ALCD-30

1987 Digital Recording
1. Toshiyuki Ozaki "DIALOG" fur Fagott und Klavier  
2. Choji Kaneta AMBIVALENCE-IV pour BASSON solo  
3. Yuushi Kaneda 3 movement for bassoon and piano  
4. Atsuki Sumi "Sabbath" for Bassoon solo
5. Hiroyuki Uchikawa December is a flower  
6. Koya Ban "MAGOUTA at the time" for bassoon and piano  
Masahito Tanaka bassoon
Seiko Sumi pianoforte
Press Quotes
Masahito Tanaka is a young Japanese bassoonist who, after playing in the U.S. and in Europe, is now a principal with the New Japan Philharmonic in Tokyo. Besides playing with the Trio Calamus he has also recorded two collections of 19th century salon music for Pavane (selections from these two LPs have been rereleased as Romantische Fagottwerke, Astoria CD DP 87007).

Tanaka shows us a completely different side of his bassoon character here in this assortment of works by the young Japanese composers Ozaki, Kaneta, Kaneda, Sumi, Uchikawa and Ban. Filled with contemporary techniques such as glissandi, multiphonics, tongue pizzicati and pitch bending, these works have more in common with the stress of modem urban Japan than with the serene, more traditional sound of composers like Takemitsu. Tanaka handles it all with facility and an attractive sound.

(The Double Reed, Vol. 12, No. 2 Fall 1989) U.S.A