1991 Digital Recording

1. Lenom Melodie  
2. Edward Elgar Salut d'Amour  
3. Dinicu/Heifetz Hora Staccato
4. Chopin/Glazunov Etude op.25  
5. Genin Fantasie avec Variations sur un Air Napolitain  
6. Fritz Kreisler Liebefreud  
7. Fritz Kreisler Liebesleid  
8. Weissenborn Adagio  
9. Bloch From Jewish Life  
10. Traditional/Yamamoto Sakura, Sakura  
11. Albeniz Tango  
12. Rachmaninov Vocalise
13. Manuel de Falla Asturiana  
14. Manuel de Falla Polo  
15. Faure Elegie  
16. Saint-Saens Romance op.36  
Masahito Tanaka bassoon
Kazue Kojima pianoforte
Press Quotes
Although Masahito Tanaka learns in a Boston and Amsterdam and he plays an active part internationally now, he becomes clear in the place where it listened to even three music that it is the bassoon player surely located in the top class in the world at the beginning of this CD "a bassoon fantasia."---The preeminent art and the preeminent song which he so far has will become clear to anyone's ear. And if the melody of Chopin maximum beauty and the etude (work 25-7) in C sharp minor are splendidly played by the intonation of a bassoon no one but delicate thick moreover following it, it will be drawn in the world of this disk still deeply.---The attitude which tackles the beauty of music from the front, without hardly playing cheap tricks although it is a recital in an arrangement thing is fresh.There is no other way but for "since it is a bassoon, such emotion can be brewed", and having made it feel to say as for the performance.
Jirou Hamada (Record Art 2/1993) Japan