Jean Nicholas SAVARY (1786-1853), a Paris, 1820
SAVARY is the great craftsman of the 19th century, -- very an early work -- it is . The musical instrument which he made was called "STRAD of a bassoon." With ten keys, although it is a standard model of those days, the big feature is that two tuning slides are attached to tenor joint, and corresponds to A=430-440. It is thought that the difference of the pitch by land was large and such a slide was needed the beginning of the 19th century since improvement of a stringed instrument started.
The comfortable loud sound like the present French system is the feature in a sweet and mellow tone. The vocal music-power of expression is very close to the ideal of a wind instrument, is beautiful sound filled on the inspiration described, saying "The dead are also revived", and was inherited and performed by the experts of each time till the beautiful sound, therefore the beginning of the 20th century. However, what can be performed also in it is restricted few by the musical instrument which is existing probably because it passed through the great war of 2 times.