Francois Devienne -
Six Sonates pour le Basson avec accompagnement de basse(1802)


1998 Digital Recording
1. Sonate I - F major
2. Sonate II - C major  
3. Sonate III - B flat major  
4. Sonate IV - E flat major  
5. Sonate V - E minor
6. Sonate VI - G major  
Masahito Tanaka bassoon
Shin-ichiro Nakano harpsichord
Ken-ichi Kamizuka cello
Press Quotes
This is an amazing recording. Master bassoonist Masahito Tanaka has taken his incredible talent to an all-new level. Here he has recorded the Six Devienne Sonatas using an ORIGINAL Jean-Nicholas Savary (Savary-Jeune) basson (Paris, 1820) !
The performances are excellent on many levels. So excellent is his ability on this historical insturment that, except for an occasional muffled-sounding tone or two, one quickly forgets that he is playing on a period instrument. His tone, technique, phrasing, dynamics are all beautifully handled. Despite the age of this instrument it sounds wonderfully 'modern' in his deft hands!
For lovers of period instruments you must have this recording. There is a tendency to think that given the "shortcomings" technically of many period insturments-the performances on them might have lacked the 'finesse' of a modern performance. This CD by Tanaka shows clearly that, in the hands of a true artist, these instruments still have the capability of moving the spirit and inspiring even the 'jaded' modern listener! Bravo, Tanaka!! Highest marks for an excellent CD!
(The Double Reed Vol.22No.3 1999) U.S.A